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How to Succeed at Online Dating?

17th November 2015 Online Dating

Online dating has come a long way in recent years. In fact, it is one of the top ways modern couples say they met. In order to win the game you need to learn some of the tricks of the trade before beginning to play.

Be Honest (With Yourself and Your Profile)

Step one is to take inventory. Evaluate yourself and what you have to offer. Be honest with yourself and especially with others, when completing your profile. You don’t have to be a complete open book; there is after all a difference between honesty and mystery. There is no reason to tell your life story. Safety is an issue when dealing with strangers on the other side of the screen. Also, you will want to save something to talk about on the first date.


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Put Your Best Face Forward (Literally)

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is also the only chance you have to catch someone’s attention. Make sure the photos are recent (no more than a year old, maximum). Do some face and body pics, have fun and smile. This is your online first impression that will be your personal choice of how you represent yourself to the world. Just as you are attracted to a wonderful smile, so is your soulmate who is doing the same thing you are doing! Looking to find you!

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

You will definitely get the pick of the litter when online dating. But, how to make sure you end up with a pedigree and not a rut? Take your time and shop around. There will be profiles that stand out and some that speak to you on a personal level. Obviously looks may matter however substance and criteria matter most, so assess profiles based on your criteria not just looks.


Great Expectations

Smoking, pets and religion may be important points of interest in a partner. Be up front with your expectations and deal-breakers. This is a great time to flirt and get to know people, but if you prefer nights at home with a movie, don’t say you love to go hiking. Don’t limit yourself to experiencing new things; you may end up liking something new. Just make sure if you feel strongly enough about something stick to it and you’ll be better off in the long run.

Secret Admirer or Stalker

The interesting thing about conversing online is that you may say things or feel more open to exchange information with someone without the embarrassment of looking them in the eye especially if your shy. But it is important to remember to never give personal information out to strangers. Where you live, work, workout or even shop may be bits of information you may not want to hand out so quickly. Someone may be smooth with the keyboard, but you never really know who or what you’re dealing with until later. Some people may be very persistent online, which may give you a confidence boost. Conversely, make sure that you follow the same etiquette. If you reach out and don’t receive a response back, move along it wasn’t meant to be anyway. Always trust your instincts.


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