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Is Online Dating Worth It?

12th November 2015 Online Dating

Connecting with another person is a great need and even greater feeling. We are in a wonderful technological age where dates can be placed just the same as ordering a pizza. Go online using your desktop, tablet or mobile device and you are on your way. Dating online is no longer for middle-aged, comic book reading guys living in their mother’s basement. In fact, it really is the norm, now-a-days.

We’ve all seen the commercials and everyone knows someone who is completely happy in their relationship which came from an online site. There are pros and cons with any form of dating, but in the end, YES, online dating is worth it. When done properly dating online can be exciting, fun and worth-while.

Online dating can end up being like high school. It is generally a popularity contest online. There is an unbalanced amount of profiles, with men having the larger number in the mix. Also, online dating is more effective for women due to this fact, with quite the deeper pool in which to swim. Following in this trend is that women, especially those with more “attractive” profile pictures will receive an unusually high number of responses and messages, compared to other women on the site without a profile pic and any of the men.

Some downsides to online dating are that it can cause a sort of serial dating mentality that can make a person pickier when considering someone as a possible partner. The vast majority of available options mean that you could review possible matches every day and there would still be new ones added the next day. This endless supply of options can make us a bit more judgmental and picky when scrolling through profiles presented. That being said, some people will need to have extremely outrageous profiles and pictures to even register as being worth the view when the rest may seem to run together.


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The next con to watch out for is, well, as con. While it is true that almost everyone fibs a bit on their profile, there are some out there that outright lie and deceive. Whether they be identity thieves, catfish or just someone who is a different height, weight, or age, be careful when connecting with strangers online. Don’t get discouraged, the majority of people on these online dating sites are looking for a date, just like you.

When you decide to take your connection off the screen, using the secure features provided by myRomeo and myJuliet share your contact details securely, and start with a phone call first. Speaking to someone is a great way to see if you truly do have something in common that originally drew you to their profile. Also, some people are not that great at expressing themselves in the written form and will do a lot better when speaking to you personally. If the call goes well and you both agree to meet in person, be wise about it. Meeting in a public place is an excellent idea. Also, let someone know where you are going, and maybe keep them on standby in case things don’t work out. In addition, always set a clear time you need to go home and stick to it.

The bottom line is there are pros and cons with any form of dating, but the verdict is for online dating and we say, it is worth a try.


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