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Meeting your soulmate

12th November 2015 Soulmate

Navigating the dating pool can be tricky when the emphasis on values comes into play. Dating can be fun and exciting, but what does it take to go from all the fish in the sea to your soulmate? We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Ways to Meet Your soumate.

Love Thy Self (Before you can Love Another)

The first lesson is to truly know, love and accept yourself. I know, this is a list about selecting a spouse, but knowing yourself and your expectations first is imperative.

Love Thy Neighbor

Involve yourself in activities that best demonstrate the values that you believe to be of the upmost importance. Volunteer at local charity, soup kitchen, or start a group of your own to help others. Once involved you will meet others that share these values. This is an excellent foundation for any relationship.

Relax and Enjoy

Once you settle into your own rhythm, enjoy dating people of interest. They may not be the one for you, but they can help you grow and learn what you do and don’t want out of your forever relationship.


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Open Your Eyes and Your Heart

It is extremely scary to be vulnerable with another person. Trust that there is a plan for you. He does not promise you won’t get hurt, but He does promise that He will be there for you if you do.

Dating in the Digital Age

There are plenty of online dating websites available however and are focused on helping singles find their soulmates. Our sites provide detailed advice on how to safely and appropriately meet with the other members & has added security features.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Don’t just sit around, get out and ask for what you want, demand what you expect and listen to the other person, too. The best way to ensure your happiness is to know what you want and then ask for it. Pray for guidance (and occasionally patience) and be open about your expectations.

Patience is Indeed a Virtue

Modern times make us want things immediately. It has taken you this long in life to make your own mistakes and become a stronger person. The same can be said for the other daters out there. Slow down and enjoy dating. These are the times and the stories your future will be built upon.


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Glow as You Grow

When you go from solo to couple it is exciting and new. As time goes on more effort is needed to keep the relationship alive. Grow and move forward in the most virtuous path, together.

Kissing the Frogs

Dating can bring upon feelings and needs of intimacy. There is no need to kiss (or sleep with) a lot of frogs to make it to your prince/princess. When they arrive in your life you will both be happier not to bring the additional baggage.

Never Settle

Don’t get hung up on your age, position in life, or comparison to your friends. Do things in your own time at your own pace. The goal is to achieve a marriage that lasts a lifetime not to just get married as fast as you can because you feel you should by this point in your life.


Allow your union to develop naturally and it will flourish. Enjoy the ride and don’t be so concerned with the destination. Your goal is a partner for life that mirrors your values and challenges you to be the best possible version of yourself. The first step in achieving this goal is to go online and connect to the possibilities of your future. Ladies can join at and gentleman can join by visiting


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